Tattoo Artist In Arkansas Offers Free Cover Ups For Gang And Hate Tattoos

Nicholas Peirce initially made the deal Facebook, but today it’s gaining focus across Arkansas and the nation. The tattoo artist that functions at Diamond State Tattoo Parlor in Sherwood, Arkansas says anybody who comes in to get a cover up of a racist or gang-affiliated tattoo artist will find the work done for free. Typical cover ups may cost between $400 and $1,000.

“Some individuals have been judged with a past bad decision or no longer want to signify the negativity they once did,” he wrote in a Facebook article offering the free service. “I would like to help change this.”

After seven years working as a tattoo artist, then Peirce decided he wanted to “give back” to his clients and the community. He is not the first to think about the idea, either, also stated he was inspired by what he witnessed all over the nation. In Baltimore, for example, a tattoo parlor set aside a specific time each week that patrons may come in and get hateful or violent tattoos eliminated for free. The owners of the parlor, Southside Tattoo stated they got the idea after a man came in with old gang tattoos on his head, wanting to remove them so people did not fear him.

Peirce, too, said he had already seen individuals coming in with tattoos that they wanted to get rid of.

“I’ve covered a lot of tattoos that were gang-related or racist in some way,” Peirce . “If somebody regrets something that they have, while it’s 20 years ago or 2 decades ago, I always try to make it occur.”

In the Christmas spirit, ” he explained the deal has no expiration date.

“I feel like doing so is really going to spark something locally,” Peirce said. “And maybe it will spread further than just me.”